Practical EDI Solutions Customised for Your Needs

I offer tailored support for performing baseline assessments of your organisation, focus groups, action plan implementation, guidance and support.

I offer implementation of mentoring schemes, network group creation/ facilitation and role model support to effect change in your workplace culture, by helping them bring everyone up rather than just focusing on their individual development or leadership aspirations.

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter mark accreditation
  • Diversity principles for constructing advert details for Board vacancies and for executive search firms
  • Model of inclusivity
  • Awareness of equality issues
  • Culture of Respect for individual differences and perspectives
  • Commitment to inclusivity
  • Challenging your workplace processes to review for inclusion
  • Review of terminology used in workplace documentation*
  • Influencing facilitators to stave off bias with repeat checking of behaviour
  • Setting out a journey to independence
  • Impact on your strategy development

Culture change to support those further away from opportunity in our local communities does not happen by accident but by purposeful design. Many organisations use marketing and role models, in a sense, promoting equality by stealth. Others are more ambitious with targets to redress numbers of underrepresented groups within certain roles and pay bands. Whatever your approach, I can work with you to help engender change in your workplace.