You set the agenda

I help anyone, regardless of career, life stage, role or background. You may be at a personal crossroad. Perhaps you are aware that you want to make a change but you don’t know why or have a very clear idea of your future direction of travel and are looking for some support in doing so.

I will help you to review your life position, clarify your aspirations and work out, in a mutually supportive environment supportive environment, a means of navigating your way towards your desired future.

You set your own agenda about what you want to work on. This might encompass professional goals, goals outside work or both. It doesn’t have to be focused on career development, but depending on what you need it may be support in terms of looking at tools, skills, support or even space to address career progression.

A holistic programme of coaching or mentoring sessions looking at your life and work in the round.

Typically, my clients experience increased confidence, more effective communication skills, practical approaches to progression. They also build networks and communities that are mutually supportive in that progression. Because each of us is individual, the end result will differ.