Workplace Bias & Its Recognition

Women are no less talented or less ambitious, often they fall victim to unintentional and unconscious bias in decision making which can lead to a substantial and unfair disadvantage throughout a career. The term Unconscious Bias has gone mainstream and is ‘all the rage’. This is progress.

The world of work is changing…

There is more awareness around bias – conscious and unconscious and a real attempt by many organisations toward cultural and attitudinal change to being inclusive of people from many different groups in society. Many companies have equality, diversity and inclusion on their radar. Some have worked hard towards recognising where they need to be in terms of attracting, retaining and supporting these groups.

I have worked to support organisations to recognise where they are currently in their transition to being more inclusive employers using charter mark schemes. Many organisations have network groups where employees can be of support but also raise ideas or concerns.

If you are currently in work and are struggling with these issues, I can support you in bringing these issues to the attention of your employer. Sometimes not all colleagues are adopting the same vocabulary at the same rate.